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Things rarely shout "Warehouse"...

...they usually whisper: "Hey, that's a little odd."

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Name:Arthur "Artie" Nielsen
Birthdate:Jul 2
Location:South Dakota, United States of America
NOTE: This roleplaying journal has been imported from LiveJournal for archival purposes only. It will not be updated.

"Is gravity 'bunk'? Magnetism? These are mysterious forces that we live with every day, but we can't explain them, and can you even explain to me how a radio works? Huh? No, but you don't really care as long as you get the traffic report, right? But if a radio landed in the hands of Thomas Jefferson, you know what Jefferson would do? He would just lock it up until he figured out it wasn't gonna kill him, and that is exactly what we do here. Take the unexplained, and we just safely... tuck it away, in this supersized Pandora's Box."

Arthur Nielsen, nee Arthur Weisfelt, was once a brilliant young cryptographer, intercepting and decoding Soviet communications for the NSA in the 1960s. At some point, however, his priorities changed. As the son of Eastern European immigrants, he had a number of family members living behind the Iron Curtain. In order to get them to safety, Artie made a deal with the Soviets: they would allow his family to come to America, and in return he would acquire certain items for them. At the time, he didn’t think much of this; as far as he was concerned, these items were simply something the Soviets wanted and that he could use as trade goods.

Of course, eventually, the deal fell through, and Artie was caught red-handed and charged with treason. Before he could be tried, however, he was approached by a woman calling herself “Mrs. Frederick.” The items he’d been trafficking, she told him, were actually Artifacts--objects with properties that might be termed ‘magical’ or ‘supernatural.’ She represented Warehouse 13, a quasi-governmental organization devoted to finding and securing Artifacts so they could do no harm to the general public.

Mrs. Frederick offered Artie a choice: jail, or the Warehouse.

Unsurprisingly, he chose the latter.

In the forty years since then, Artie has seen a long succession of fellow Warehouse agents come and go. Some were killed in the line of duty; they were the lucky ones. Others simply vanished, or went insane, or suffered any number of horrible fates that can follow from mucking around with the supernatural. As a result, Artie has a tendency to shut other people out and devote himself solely to his work, for their protection as well as his own.

He's evasive, arrogant, neurotic, short-tempered, paranoid, anal-retentive, and a key player in the struggle to keep humanity safe from forces it doesn't yet fully understand.

I'll bet you feel safer already.

Artie is from the TV series Warehouse 13, and is the property of SyFy and NBC/Universal. He appears here solely for the purposes of roleplay, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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