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Implosion, part 2

Artie's Office
Warehouse 13
South Dakota

"Go back, go back, go back--" Artie squints at the Farnsworth's screen, at the hazmat-suited figures combing the halls of the Japanese embassy. "What exactly happened there?"

"You tell us, okay, Artie? Because the Japanese sure as hell don't know," says Myka wearily. "They're testing for everything from dirty bombs to gas leaks. They won't let us in the room, they're holding us in the lobby, they're--they're treating us like suspects."

"Suspects? Why? Did you have the decoy sword with you?"

"No, but they're not even looking for the sword, Artie," says Pete. "They're--they're not even sure whether or not it was taken."

"Okay, that makes no sense to me whatsoever. I mean, either it's gone or its not gone." Artie shakes his head. "You said you saw somebody leaving, did he have it?"

"I don't know, okay? 'Cause I was about two seconds away from passing out."

"Yeah, well, w-what did this guy look like?"

"...not female?" Pete shrugs. "Look, Artie, my Japanese sucks, but it sounds to me as if they think the sword was vaporized or something."

"Vaporized? What, you mean by the bomb?"

"There was no bomb, Artie," says Myka. "Nothing blew up. There was no explosion. There were no victims that were brought out, or dead bodies or--there was nothing."

"I don't understand. Nothing blew up?"

"That's the weird part," says Pete. "It was like a bomb, only backwards, okay? Instead of blowing out, it--it yanked everything in."

...oh, no. That sounds familiar. It shouldn't, it shouldn't be familiar because it shouldn't be possible anymore, but... "Implosion?"

"Artie?" Myka sounds almost desperate. "Artie? Did the sword do this?"

"And if it did," adds Pete, "can I reconsider this mission?"

"It didn't," says Artie firmly. "And what you have to do is you have to get in that room and tell me exactly what you see." He turns off the Farnsworth and steps back, staring off into space. God, it can't be that. Please, no. If Kluger's started up work again...

"That's a look I don't know," remarks Leena with a concerned frown.

Artie doesn't look at her, or much of anything. He feels as if his body is made of lead. "It's called the past rearing its ugly head."

"So, in other words, the sword didn't do whatever happened at the embassy... but you know what did."

"Oh God I hope not," Artie breathes. Finally he wills himself into motion, grabbing his black bag, the Farnsworth, the scrolls and photographs of the Honjo Masamune...

"Artie, where are you going?"

"Don't know, yet. First I have to--" Artie bolts for the door--not the one that leads out of the building, the one that leads into the Warehouse proper. If he's right (and, God, just this once he hopes he's very, very wrong), he's going to need some extra firepower on his side.

[Dialogue from Warehouse 13 episode 1x08, "Implosion."]