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Burnout, part 6

The Spine has been neutralized, and by 'neutralized' we mean 'smashed into tiny bits with the butt end of a fire extinguisher.' Pete had a close call, but thanks to Myka's CPR training, he's still hale and hearty.

And he will not stop with the goddamn bad jokes.

"Man, this trip really killed me."

Artie glares across the table at Pete. "Could you not--could you stop that, please?"

"Seriously. I am totally dead."

"Yeah, I'm surprised to see you alive!" Claudia pipes up.

Now Artie turns to Claudia, his exasperation growing. "Don't encourage him!"

"I have but one life to live for my--oh, no, wait..." Pete holds up two fingers with a smug grin.

"Alright. You know how I felt when you were actually close to--?"

"Artie?" That would be Myka coming into the office with a petite elderly woman in tow. "This is Rebecca."

"Oh." Artie stands up and turns, nervously, to face Rebecca St. Clair. It's been a long damn time since he met a Warehouse agent whose tenure predated his own. "Right. Right. Uh... wow. This is quite an honor." He offers a hand to shake. "Hello, I'm Artie."

"Hello," says Rebecca quietly, returning the handshake. "I wanted to be 100% certain that this thing--" she hefts the plastic briefcase she's carrying, which presumably contains the remains of the Spine-- "would never again see the light of day?"

"Absolutely. I can take care of that." Artie takes the suitcase from her. It's lighter than he expected; part of him wants to crack it open and pick apart the remains of the Spine to see what made it tick, but he knows better than to try. Artifacts, even broken ones--especially broken ones--are not to be trifled with.

Rebecca looks around the office with a small, fond smile. "Place hasn't changed very much..."

"Oh, I'm working on that." Claudia scampers over and flashes Rebecca a grin. "Claudia Donovan. Warehouse 13, next generation."

"Thankyouverymuch." Artie all but shoves the suitcase into Claudia's arms. "Thanks. Thank you." He turns back to Rebecca, rubbing his hands together. "So. I was wondering... we could always use an extra pair of hands...?"

"'Use.' That's the perfect word," says Rebecca dryly. "Like I said, this place hasn't changed very much, and it never will. It hates to let go of anything. Thank you, but no thank you. I came here to complete Jack's mission; now, I'm going home."

Artie nods. "I understand."

Claudia clears her throat loudly and gives Artie a Look.

"Oh, right!" He dashes over to Rebecca before she can get to the door. "Um--Rebecca. Just--there is one last thing that you might be interested in seeing..."

[Dialogue from Warehouse 13 episode 1x07, "Burnout."]

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