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Burnout, part 5

The good news is, they've finished translating the text that describes the Spine of the Saracen.

The bad news is... pretty much everything else.

"The Spine was designed for one thing: it turns a person into a killing machine. It's a warrior-maker. It uses the body like a big battery, heightening and redirecting the host's natural electrical impulses."

[Dialogue from Warehouse 13 episode 1x07, "Burnout."]
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Claudia leans into the Farnsworth's range so that Myka can see her, too.
"Yeah, it's like ancient PCP. It jacks up your adrenaline, testosterone - so that on a scale of one to ten, you're about a 25."
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Myka stares at the two of them through the Farnsworth, looking like she's holding back tears.

"Artie, the Spine is on Pete."
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...So that right there is a sinking feeling. Plummeting, some might say. Claudia directs the 'well, shit' look at Artie, rather than make Myka put up with it.
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"I don't know. Just tell me that you can remove it."
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"Artie, listen to me. I can't--um--" She swallows and continues. "I will not lose another partner. The look in Pete's eyes, Artie, he looked--I've never seen him so angry..."
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"It makes you go after what you hate," realizes Myka. "Right? Clark went after the gangs, and, and the last victim went after his ex-wife."
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"Jack fought it. He fought his feelings long enough so that he could seal himself up and not hurt anyone."
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Myka shakes her head. "I don't know. Artie, what do I do when I find him?"
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"Okay, hold up. So when this thing was built, electricity didn't exist yet, right?"
Didn't exist, wasn't harnessed, same diff, in this case.
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Good, because if he did she would point out that Pete might be about to die.
"So it zaps people, but what would happen if it got zapped? I mean, that's, that's what the, uh, bolt of lightning was, in the picture that they found. Remember, Jack wrote--"
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"Maybe that's what shuts down the Spine, a bolt of lightning. Overwhelming the Spine's receptors might make it automatically detach."
Her brain follows on with 'unfortunately, we don't know when or where it might strike!', but this is nnnnnot so much the time to quote Doc Brown for humorous effect.
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"No," says Myka immediately. "Artie, look, we already tried that."