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Nevermore, part whatever

Artie's Office
Warehouse 13
South Dakota

The Artifact has been snagged and bagged. All that remains is the tagging. Well, the shipping back to the Warehouse and then the tagging, but the point still stands. The job is all but finished, and, amazingly enough, no one died.

"I think, Mr. Poe," Artie murmurs as he enters the pen and notebook into the computerized Artifact database, "that when your things arrive, we'll stick them in... yeah. Madrid section. That is, if Leena agrees."


Artie starts, but only a little. He was expecting Mrs. Frederick to still be keeping an eye on him after the lecture he got yesterday. (At least, he will claim he was expecting it.)

"Pete and Myka are in Colorado Springs," says Mrs. Frederick as she walks up to Artie's desk.

Artie sighs and scratches at his jawline. "Yeah, I know, I should've tried to--"

"And so is MacPherson."

As if on cue, an alert pops up in the center of Artie's monitor:

Current Location:

Artie boggles at the screen. "Wh-what? H-how did--? He was there the whole time??"

"He had us all distracted. I think that was MacPherson's intent."

Artie barely hears her over the sudden rush of realization. It was MacPherson who sent the book to Warren Bering, but it wasn't for revenge or even just as a distraction, he wanted them to find the pen--

Artie all but dives for the Farnsworth. He just hopes his warning won't come too late.

[Dialogue from Warehouse 13 episode 1x12, "Nevermore."]

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The Farnsworth rings just as Myka and Pete are realizing that neither of them called a cab. Being a team also sometimes leads to team forgetfulness. Pete offers Myka a choice between cell phone and Farnsworth and she chooses the Farnworth. Artie is such a mother hen sometimes.

She flips the Farnsworth open. "Hey Artie, we're heading home."

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"That was weird."

Pete tips his head a little and Myka immediately recognizes the sign. "Vibe?"

He nods and looks up. "Big one. Your dad."

Her eyes go wide and startled and then she turns and runs for the door. "What?!"

The book shop is dark and shadowy and Myka leads because she knows this place like nowhere else. She draws her weapon as she heads for the stairs to her parents. "Is this Poe? Are we back in the Poe thing again?" How can they be? Pete has the pen and notebook.

"I don't know." Pete is right behind her and just as concerned.

They move cautiously through the apartment, Teslas drawn. Through the open arch, Myka can see her parents in the glow of a flickering light, like a TV screen. It only takes a second for her to realize that they're not moving at all. She and Pete exchange a quick glance and then Myka lets her head drift around to see the other side of the wall.
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And there, holding up a lantern pointed at Mr. and Mrs. Bering...

"You two are good," says James MacPherson with a mirthless grin. "I see why Mrs. Frederick drafted you."

As one, Pete and Myka step into the room, guns drawn on MacPherson, but he holds up a warning hand. "Ah-ah! I kill this--" he indicates the lantern-- "and it's 'lights out' for Mum and Dad."

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It's personal now.

"You hurt my father."
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"He glimpsed the mind of one of the greatest authors in the world. He'll thank me later."

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"You'll be dead later." She'll be sure of that.

"What do you want?" Okay, Pete's a little more mission focused.
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"I want what you risked your lives to get. I'd have done it myself, but I lack the means." MacPherson looks at the two of them expectantly. "You have until the count of one."

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"You came after family." Not. Okay.
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"Arthur started it," replies MacPherson calmly.

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Artie? "What's that supposed to mean?"
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"Ask him."

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She glances over at her parents. They'll die... He looks at Pete and though it sticks in her throat, she says it. "Pete." For her parents. Her family. She holds out her hand.

Pete looks like he'd rather shove it up MacPherson's ass, but he hands the package with the notebook and pen to Myka.

"Let them go." She doesn't hold out the book. "Do it."
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MacPherson nods grimly and slides on a pair of brass-rimmed dark glasses before holding out his hand expectantly. "Thank you."

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"Consider it a loan." She will never ever stop pursuing him.
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MacPherson grins his death's-head grin as he takes the book and turns the lantern.

His visage behind the lantern's spotlight is the only thing Pete and Myka see before everything goes white.

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When they blink again, MacPherson is gone.

"What was that?" Warren sounds slightly dazed.

Unfortunately, that's a question she has the answer to. "Jack the Ripper's lantern."

"At least now we know where that is." Pete doesn't sound at all glad.

Myka looks around and her heart hurts.