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Nevermore, part 2

Leena's Bed & Breakfast
Unnamed Unincorporated Settlement
South Dakota

"Yeah, I dunno, Leena, it's complicated." Artie shuffles across the living room with a carefully balanced tray of drinks--a hot cup of Assam for him, a tall glass of lemonade for Leena. "MacPherson put decoys in bogus informational breadcrumbs, put 'em all over the world, and my software narrowed 'em down to two locations, and Montreal turned out to be, y'know, the one that was... did you say you wanted no ice in your lem--"

He breaks off with a start of surprise. The woman sitting on the armchair is decidedly not Leena. It looks, in fact, a great deal more like Mrs. Frederick, giving Artie a look that says You Are In SO Much Trouble, Young Man.

"God! Don't do that..." Artie rubs the bridge of his nose, attempting to recover his composure. "Mrs. Frederick. What did you do with Leena?"

Mrs. Frederick doesn't say a word.

"...sorry. Would you care for a...?" He holds out the glass of lemonade.

Her expression changes not a whit.

Artie puts down the glass with a sigh. "You're here because you wanna know what happened."

"Two policemen dead, Arthur," says Mrs. Frederick. "I know what happened. The Montreal police have a dashboard camera in the car."

Artie blinks in surprise. "But I told Pete that--he had the recording. How did you...?"

"Please." Her expression still hasn't changed.

Artie takes a deep breath. He knew this was coming, sooner or later. "Look, we were following a lead."

"You took a shot in the dark."

"We hit the center of that target!"

"With a small-caliber bullet."

"Pete's caliber is very large. We..." He breaks off with a titter of nervous laughter. "Y'know what? I'm done with this analogy." He sags heavily onto the couch.

"We had an agreement," says Mrs. Frederick, and her tone says that there is a lecture impending. "You were supposed to gather information, bring it to me, and we would plan to get MacPherson together." She rises and starts pacing back and forth across the room. "You had no offensive strategy, no defensive posture, no containment plan. You were not prepared." She looks around. "Where's Lattimer and Bering?"


Mrs. Frederick gives Artie a long, level glare. He does his best not to react in any way.

"Manage my assets better," warns Mrs. Frederick, "or, I swear on the ashes of the first twelve Warehouses, I will take them away."

As she starts to stride out of the room, Artie speaks up. "I can get MacPherson again."

"I don't doubt it. But you make no moves against him without consulting me first."

"Yes, ma'am. D'you ha--?"

But she's already gone, without a trace, even after Artie looks down the hall for her.

"How does she do that?" he mutters to the empty air.

[Dialogue from Warehouse 13 episode 1x12, "Nevermore."]