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Regrets, part 3

Artie's Office
Warehouse 13
South Dakota

"Uh, so, uh--Pete saw his father, but you didn't, right?"

"Yeah." Myka's face on the Farnsworth's screen looks unnerved. "But I should probably mention that I saw Sam, earlier."

Pete turns to Myka with a frown. "What? Why didn't you say anything?"

"Well, y'know, Sam's dead, and your father's dead--I mean, you can understand my reticence, right?"

"You're both hallucinating??" Artie leans close to the Farnsworth. "And when were you gonna mention that to me?"

"Well, we just did," says Myka with a little shrug. The lights above the two agents flicker and there's a rumble of what might be thunder.

"What--what was that?"

"Tropical storm Inez."

...awww, crap. "Uh... you didn't say that there was a storm."

"Why is that important?" asks Pete.

Artie pinches the bridge of his nose. "How many times do I have to tell you about electrical energy? It can crank up the intensity of an Artifact, I don't know, tenfold? And if an Artifact is causing these hallucinations, then a powerful electrical charge can make these visions seem absolutely real."

"Well, they seem pretty real now."

"Alright, listen. You're gonna have to stay in constant contact, you got that? Constant. I don't care if you have nothing to report. Every hour you're gonna call me, alright? And meanwhile you're gonna find out everything, everything about these inmates who killed themselves. Start with the last one, Lee Donaldson..."

They did, as it happens, have something to report roughly forty-five minutes later. The prison's on-site ME had turned up dead shortly after talking to Pete and Myka. He had a personal tape recorder on which he was transcribing the autopsy report, but it quickly devolved into him shouting at what he believed to be the ghost of his patient, accompanied by a high-pitched static whine. The field agents sent a recording of the latter to Artie to analyze.

"It's ten thousand cycles per second," says Artie to the Farnsworth as he runs said recording through a spectrum analysis. "It could be the electrical interference that any natural material makes when it vibrates."

"Okay, so where does it come from?" asks Myka.

"Well, any number of minerals or heavy metals, or it could be an artifact that contains both... just give me a second, just one s--ahh." He calls up a recording of a quartz crystal humming as a current is run through it. "Yeah, okay, does that sound familiar?"

"That's it."


"So, Artie,"
says Pete, "we're looking for some kind of mineral Artifact that causes hallucinations?"

bang - bang - bang, bangbangbang

" that banging--do you hear a...?" Artie looks up, distractedly. Where is that sound coming from? "Yeah, you do that, you do that, but I..."

bangbangbang, bang - bang - bang, bangbangbang

"Artie? Hello, what--?"

bangbangbang, bang - bang - bang, bangbangbang

"No, I'm okay, I'm okay, I just..." Artie picks up the Farnsworth and moves slowly across the office, trying to pinpoint the source of the noise. Somewhere up above... the rafters, maybe? A vibration carried from elsewhere in the building?

bangbangbang, bang - bang - bang, bangbangbang

"Y'know what, Artie? We got it," says Myka. "Uh, thanks, we'll call you later."

"Yeah, alright--" Artie thumbs the On/Off button without looking away from the ceiling.

bangbangbang, bang - bang - bang, bangbangbang

There's definitely a pattern to it. Groups of three, fast, then slow, then fast again.

bangbangbang, bang - bang - bang, bangbangbang

"S...O... SOS??"

Artie bolts for the windows. Somewhere in the Warehouse, someone is calling for help. There's only one person out there who could be doing that.


[Dialogue from Warehouse 13 episode 1x10, "Regrets."]

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